Tuesday, 25 December 2007

It's Christmas!

Oh Huff, what a day I've had today. First off, everything seemed just the same as a normal day, mummy got up same time as usual, went outside for a while, came back in and gave me a biscuit, then she went out and left me here for ages and ages. I had the smelly old cockerel for company, well he was behind the gate in the kitchen, so I knew he couldn't get me. Mind you, he never does try to get me any more, he probably knows who's boss now, and that he can't come between me and my mummy.

Anyway, my mummy came home in the afternoon, and she got me and took me up to the place where those other two big dogs are, and we went for a walk up the field with my mummy and two other ladies, I had a nice time smelling all the sheep poos and we walked really close to some big sheep, they all looked at me and I was quite worried, but they were behind the fence so I didn't mind. I managed to get everso muddy heh heh, and when I got into the car I made mummy's blanket on the seat really dirty, there were all my footprints all over it. Then I had another biscuit and my mummy went indoors with the two ladies for a while. When it was dark, mummy came out and we went home, and then the fun really started.

My mummy brought all these things out in crinkly paper, and she opened lots of them and they were all for her, but I was quite excited to see what she had got, so I didn't mind. Then, oh huff, she showed me all these other parcels and there was this furry stocking thing, and she said they were all for me! I couldn't believe it, I was beside myself, I didn't know which one to look at first. I thought I would be everso good though and not open them, I waited for my mummy to do it for me. There were two new toys and lots of lovely smelly things to eat. I had a chocolate snowball and a crunchy square thing, and then my mummy said I couldn't have anymore because it was dinner time.

Huff, life can't get much better can it? I wish it was always Christmas.

Look at all the presents I got, huff, I got more than my mummy!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Back at last

Oh huff, it's been such a long time, at last I have some news. It's not very good news though really. My mummy took me to see that nice man at the vets today, because she has been worried about me apparently. I have been sleeping a lot, and drinking a lot, and can't keep up with her when she takes me for a walk. I also cough quite a lot. So the nice man felt me all over, and he listened to me with some funny things in his ears, and then he weighed me. My mummy was everso pleased, she said I was lighter than she thought, I weigh 11 kilos whatever that means, and I should weigh 10 kilos, so I'm only a little bit fat. I've also got a bad tooth at the front, it's all waggly and the nice man said it will probably fall out soon, so I won't be smiling much then, as I won't have any teeth at the front any more. :(

Anyway the nice man gave mummy some pills for me and then I had my photo taken with him, which was a bit nerve racking, I wondered what he was doing with his hands, perhaps he'd decided to pull my tooth out after all.

After that, my mummy and I walked down the path by the river, but I didn't go in the water today. I was bursting to go wee wee too, and trust my mummy to take my picture again then, I was so embarrassed.

Oh well, I am going to have a sleep now, it's been a bit of a day all round, I hope I shall be able to come on here again soon though. Huff

Thursday, 13 September 2007

It's my Birthday!

Oh huff, I'm so excited. I've had such a great day today, and my mummy has let me use the laptop again, life doesn't get much better. I wish everyday could be my birthday.

Well the day started off pretty normally I think, I actually wonder if my mummy had forgotten my birthday. She didn't say anything. She let me chase a cat though out of the garden, so I had a good start. Then we went out in the car, and I waited only a little while and then we went down to the seaside, and I had a great time in the river that leads to the sea. I couldn't see the sea water though, it was too far away, but the river was great fun, although I went out of my depth once and it made me snort, I was a bit worried for a couple of steps there.

After that we walked right along to the cafe and my mummy made me wait outside and she was gone ages it seemed but then she came out with some bags and we went to a bench, and I had lots of huge pieces of tuna roll, and then some scone and then she went and got a strawberry ice cream. We sat for ages in the sunshine, I sat under the bench though because I was hot, and then I fancied eating some grass as I wasn't really all that full, and mummy didn't seem like she was going to get anything else to eat for me.

When we came home, she gave me my presents, which was my favourite treat in the crinkly packet, oh boy, it's so smelly and stinky, I love it, it's called Puffed Jerky and I can normally manage to chew lots of it into my ears, heh heh. I got a new toy too, although I wouldn't hurt my mummy's feelings by telling her but I'm not really bothered about more toys, I still like my white bunny best.

Well after that, I am really tired now, I walked about three miles today, so quite a long way for my little legs really, so now I'm going to have a sleep before dinner. Hope my mummy will let me use the laptop again soon, huff.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

She's been at it again!

My mummy is determined to turn me into a laughing stock, I'm sure of it now. There was I, happily eating this HUGE treat thing that she'd given me, I knew it was too good to be true. Next thing I knew, she had tied my ears up in a silly pink elastic thing. She said it was because I always make such a mess and my ears dangle in stuff and then they go in my mouth. Well I ask you, is that my fault? I can't help having long ears can I? And I do it purpose anyway, so that I can save some for later. Just look at how silly I look. I was not pleased at all I can tell you.

She tried to make it up to me a bit later by taking me out to the park. Well I suppose I did sort of enjoy myself, although it rained a bit, I had a good old huff round on the field and I was glad that my mummy got her feet soaked, and she had to stand under a tree once when it rained really hard. I didn't though. Standing under trees is for wimps.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I've been everso naughty haven't I?

Oh huff, I've been such a bad dog I know. I am everso sorry, but I just haven't felt like coming on here for ages now and writing anything. I know all you fans will have been so disappointed, and it will serve me right if nobody reads my stories any more. The thing is, my mummy has been feeling down in the dumps too, and I've been trying hard to cheer her up. And for ages, we were so busy going over to her friends every day and going for such long walks with one of her dogs, that I was just too exhausted to bother most days.

Well, it's been very strange but we haven't been to see my mummy's friend for over aweek now and she hasn't been here either. I don't know what's going on, but things were looking up a bit today, because I met another nice new dog, his name is Tim, and guess what? He is going to live right next door to me. He was very friendly and he wagged his tail really fast and sniffed me through my garden gate. He is quite handsome, but he is big, but I always like big dogs best really, because my best friend Ben is big too. So I was quite excited about that. But best of all, my mummy took me to the shops today too, and because I was so good, we had some CHIPS! We sat and ate them in the car because it was raining really hard, and my mummy took lots of silly pictures of me. I can't help my face, I was just so excited. After that we had a walk and I went in some really deep puddles and got nice and smelly, so it's been quite a fun day today. I'm really tired again now though, so am going to have a nice snooze. I promise to try and write a bit more often from now on though, but it is difficult because I don't do much that is very exciting.

Oh no, they've all gone! :o(

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Now look what she's done!

Is there to be no end to my humiliation this week? My mummy found a new website this week, with pictures of very silly dogs, some of them were dressed up in people clothes!It was called stuffonmymutt, Haha, I did laugh. Well I didn't laugh today when my mummy made me sit with my elephant toy on my head, what on earth is the matter with her? She thought it was funny, well I didn't!

Friday, 18 May 2007

Not too keen on this week so far

Oh huff, I've not been able to get on here for a while, but I had to come on today to tell you about this week.

Well on Monday, my mummy and her friend took me a long way away, I was in the car for ages, and when we pulled up and got out of the car, they introduced me to a man! He seemed very nice, and we all went for a walk round this big park, and I wanted to go in the river but my mummy kept saying No, it's too rough. Well, I was trying really hard to ignore her, but in the end she put me back on the lead, so that was that. Huh!

After that we got back in the car and drove to a new place, and they sat at a table and I was allowed to sit by them too, and oh huff, what joy, the nice man got me some chips especially for me. But my joy soon turned to agony when he gave me a chip and it was so hot, it burned my mouth. I spat it out very quickly I can tell you! What a nasty man he turned out to be. I wouldn't take any more chips from him again, I could tell his game, even though he waited till they were cool, I showed him, and would only take them from my mummy.

After that we went for another walk and I had to sit in a big hut again like I did a few weeks ago and look at everyone's legs for ages. There was another dog this time, but he didn't take any notice of me. Then we all walked and sat at a picnic table and there were two other dogs, one of them was being very silly and wanting to play with everyone with his toy, how childish! We came home then, and I was so tired because I was awake for hours and hours.

Then today, my mummy went out and left me when she went with her friend. I don't much like that, but when she came home, she showed me all the shopping, but there wasn't any for me, huh! When her friend had gone, she took me to the park though, so that was quite nice, but it was very windy. When we got back my mummy was acting strangely, and I was snoozing by the bed when she came and picked me up and put me in the bath! Oh no, my worst nightmare finally came true! How I hate it, even though it's quite nice to have my itchy bits scratched, but I don't like my ears being washed and that shampoo stuff stinks, but my mummy said I stink, I don't understand that bit, why cover me in something else that stinks then? I have been everso itchy again for the last few days, even though my mummy stuck the needle thing in me it didn't help much, so she said this smelly shampoo stuff may help. It's so embarrassing to have your picture taken when in the bath too, has she no respect? She dried me with that noisy blowing thing which I hate, and now I am so exhausted by all the trauma I am going to have to go and lay down. Huff.

The Silly dog

Friday, 4 May 2007

Oh huff, it's been so hot...

I've been too hot to do my blog just lately, it takes all my energy just to find time to eat and go for a walk.

Today it was a bit cooler as it was quite windy. My mummy took me to her friends house and I sat under the table when they were eating, mainly because it was cooler under there, but also hoping someone would drop some food. Didn't have a lot of luck there though, but my mummy did save me a small piece of cheese.

After that we went in the car with her dog Ayra, I don't mind her, she isn't noisy when she isn't with those other dogs. We went a little way and then we stopped and got out of the car. There was a small bit of water for me to get in but it was everso shallow but I had a drink anyway. Then we went into the woods and there were lots of things to smell. It was still quite hot in there though because the trees stopped the wind. There were lots of those blue flower things again and my mummy kept taking more pictures and so did her friend. The walk is very hard, as it is very steep in some places. Luckily we stopped at a bench for a while and me and Ayra had a lay down. Then we went up very high and then back down again. I was really exhausted after that, and I still am, so I am going to bed now, my mummy just made me go outside and I had my choccies when I came back, but I can't keep my eyes open any more. Huff.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

She's been at it again!

My mummy's friend came round today with another lady, she said it was her mummy. She was very nice, and made a lot of fuss of me, but spent a lot of time talking to the budgie too, so I had to make my presence felt and kept squashing between them on the sofa. I was well pleased that she didn't seem to want all of her sandwiches at feeding time though and I got loads of bits of cheese sandwich, I don't think my mummy noticed quite how much of it I got, yum.

After they went, my mummy took me in the car to the river where the people float along on top of the water in things that look like painted logs, but we only saw one today. I went in the water by the beach, and then we went across the field, and then on the way back my mummy kept making me pose again for her pictures. There was one place that I don't like much too, it's a big Oak tree that is hollowed out, I can remember once my mummy hid in there and I was very worried because I couldn't find her and when I ran past she jumped out at me and I was very scared. My mummy is horrible to me sometimes. Huff.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Huff, another nice day out!

My mummy took me to the seaside AND the woods today, AND we had a picnic, AND I GOT TUNA! Huff huff huff! It was really great fun, I got to go in the river, and the sea, and then the river again, and in some pools. When I was in the pool, another dog came up to me, he seemed quite friendly, he was funny looking though, wasn't quite sure what to make of him but he just sniffed me and then went away. Then I went for a trot along the sands, and then back to the woods, and mummy got her bag from the car, and we walked uphill for a while and then we came to some picnic tables, and mummy had a tuna salad thing and I got lots of it, and some of my own biscuits yum, and I even tried some of her diet fizzy orange but I wasn't too keen on that, the bubbles made me sneeze. We then had a another walk all around the trees near the picnic tables, so I have walked a long way again today.

The only downside of today was that my mummy made me pose for my photos a lot of times, and they were with some strange things, first there was a big blobby jelly thing on the sands, and then a smelly thing with a shell and lots of legs, that was really creepy, and then finally she made me get on a seat thing. She said it was really clever because someone had carved it out of a tree trunk. I don't know what she meant but still, anything to please. Huff.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

It's been a funny old week, huff

I've had quite a tiring week. A couple of days ago, my mummy and her friend and her dog made me walk for miles, a lot of it was uphill too and I was exhausted, but I tried to be brave and not show it, I even tried not to limp much, but sometimes I just couldn't help it, and my mummy stopped and let me rest and rubbed my sore shoulder. It's been very hot for me too this week, but I don't really mind that as long as I can cool off in the water.

Then yesterday we went over my mate Ben's house and I had a nice walk then in the woods and I went in the water lots of times, and when we got back to his house we sat outside on the lawn and had our biscuits, that was good fun.

Today was very strange. We went to my mummy's friend's house, and I had to stay in the car. I wasn't too pleased about that I can tell you, I like to get inside because I always get a biscuit or two. Anyway, eventually they both came out and we drove and drove and drove. And then they got out and left me in the car again. When my mummy came back I smelled her mouth, and her friend laughed, but I could smell she had eaten tuna. I wanted to cry then because it's my favourite and they didn't get any for me.

Then we drove a little way more and then stopped the car, and I had a bit of a walk and found some water to go in on the side of the track, and there was a pond thing but it was all dried up and sludgy and my mummy pulled me back on the lead and kept saying NO NO NO! Then they made me pose by a tree which they said had been struck by lightening, whatever that is.

After that we went into this wooden building where there were lots of other people and all I could see was people's legs. I laid down and kept quiet for a while but then I got bored and I was sniffing along under the bench to see if anyone had dropped any food, and my mummy kept saying Ssssshhh stop making that snorting noise. I can't help it can I? My nose just makes that funny noise. All the people were laughing at me too.

We came home then, and I am very tired now because I couldn't sleep much today. It was a strange day, I wonder why we drove all that way, it seemed a long way to go for just a little walk, oh well, my mummy is funny sometimes... Huff.

Monday, 9 April 2007

I'm back

My mummy finally let me have another go on here, she has been so greedy and selfish lately.

Well I haven't really done very much since the last time I wrote, I have been a bit hot really a lot of the time, but luckily, my mummy knows that I like to cool off in the water so she takes me to the rivers for a walk most days. I was annoyed with her today though because she went right down to the water herself and crossed lots of rocks to get a good shot with her new camera thing of the water fall and I tried to follow her because I thought she was going to leave me behind, but she didn't realise how difficult it was for my little legs and that the rock pools were really deep, and I tried to cross and I fell in a deep one. And do you know what she did then? She laughed at me, and she took my photo! Oh the humiliation. Sometimes I don't like my mummy very much. Huff.

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Oh no....

I'm keeping a low profile, my mummy mentioned a word that I don't like very much, so I'm being everso good and pretending to be fast asleep. The word? BATH! I hate it, but I'm really smelly at the moment apparently, and I keep scratching, it's that time of year again. My mummy made me have lots of tests a while ago, and I had my tummy shaved and they put lots of things on me to see if they made me itch, and lots of them did, that's why I have the needle thing stuck in me every month now. But it doesn't always work completely and I still scratch and big lumps of fur keep falling out and mummy moans at me.

Anyway, I don't think she feels very well just now, so maybe I've got away with it for today, and when we went out for a walk just now, I went in the water and hoped that would be good enough, but apparently I still stink. Oh well, perhaps if I slink off into the bedroom now, mummy will forget all about it...... Huff

It's very worrying with all these trees falling down around here

I sat and posed here despite being worried about that scary water behind me

The water was quite shallow here, my usual spot for a quick bit of paddling.

Monday, 26 March 2007

The seaside again

Oh huff, I've had a great day again today. My mate Ben came round with his mummy, and we went to the seaside. We had a long walk along the top of the beach on the path, it was really hot once we got out of the breeze, but I didn't fancy going in the water today, incase Ben thought I was being a show off, so I just stayed on the path. He probably wouldn't have noticed me though anyway, as usual he was running about half a mile in front of us and ignoring me. When we got back to the car, my mummy drove round to another car park and she and Ben's mummy went off and left us for a while, but then, oh joy, they came back with CHIPS! And we sat outside round the harbour and I got loads of them, hehe. Ben didn't though, he doesn't know what he's missing, he never wants any goodies. Then we walked up to the shops and we had ICE CREAM! Although I only had a tiny piece of cornet when it was nearly all gone, I thought I wasn't going to get any.
I was worried about the ice cream...

..but then I got some, huff

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Another trip to the seaside

Huff, I expect everyone has given up with my blog, my mummy has been so selfish, she keeps writing her one and hasn't let me use the laptop again, she has been using it herself ALL the time!

Well, I have done lots of things since the last time I wrote, but will just tell you about today - we went to the seaside again. It was a place I've been to lots of times before, called Cwm Tudu. It was a nice sunny day although quite windy when we got there and the sea was quite rough. To be honest, my mummy kept saying go in the water, but I didn't much like the look of it, but just to please her I went in some rock pools, and in the river that runs into the sea. She went in a spooky cave, but I wasn't keen on that much either. After that, we went right up the steep cliff path where there were lots of horses smells and foot prints, but we never see the horses, I'm glad really though, horses are scarey. Then we walked back down the windy road to where the car was but my mummy said I had to go in the water AGAIN! I got all muddy up the cliff apparently, so off I toddled. Then I wondered why we weren't going to the cafe and I stood there waiting, but my mummy said no, it's closed! It's always closed, I don't understand how the man in there earns enough money to be closed for 6 months, there were lots of people today who would have bought chips and things from him. Oh huff, no chips for me then, but my mummy had a yummy tuna and pasta thing in the car and an apple so I had some of that, and a couple of my smelly old biscuits, so I guess I was lucky to get anything.

Mummy was in the spooky cave

The sea was rough

Mummy tried to tempt me into the scarey cave with a biscuit...

I sat down in the water, but I tried to keep my tail dry, I thought it was funny, huff

This is me up the cliff path, my mummy had to stop because she was puffing and panting, I wondered what was up with her. Huff