Thursday, 22 February 2007

Hehe, I got really muddy today....

Huff, my mummy took me over to her friend's house today. Well, I'm not very keen on that because of those two big dogs there, but they are kept in a big cage in the kitchen so they can't normally get me, but their barking is so loud, it really frightens me. The best bit though is that I always get lots of biscuits, yum.

After that, we went to the nice spooky place by the river. It was a bit scary though because the water was so high it was about to flood across onto the fields, it was rushing by so fast, I didn't want to go in it today, oh not likely. I managed to walk in lots and lots of muddy bits in the field and the woodland path though, it was splattered all up my legs and on my tummy. My mummy had her wellies on, but she still got mud splattered up her jeans too, haha. For the first time in ages, when she wanted to take my picture and said "BISCUITS" she actually had one for me in her pocket, at last she has stopped lying to me.

It's my mummy's birthday next week, and I have been racking my brains trying to think what to get her. The choice is a bit limited really, but I was wondering if I could pretend to eat one of my bonios, and hide it, and give her that. I'm not sure if I could stop myself from eating it though, it will be everso hard. Or I could pretend to eat my milky choccies one night, but just keep them in my mouth till she isn't looking then hide them under the sofa or something, I know she likes my choccies. Which do you think she would like the best?

Oh well, I will have a few days to think about it, I'm very tired now though as I've been awake all day again, and had a lot to contend with today. Huff.

The scary water

Huff, just had my biscuit

Lots of snowdrops (and me..)

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Saw Ben again today.

My mum took me out in the car today, and then after I had sat outside the shops for a while, she came out and I sat on her lap and I could smell that she had eaten something, it smelled like CAKE! I was quite excited as usually we then go and get CHIPS, but this time we went past the place, and drove over to my mate Ben's house. Huff, twice in a week I get to see him, he actually seemed pleased to see me today too, and he came running with his teddy for me. I played hard to get though and just ran straight past him to get to his bowl of biscuits, but his mummy was too fast for me, and managed to get them up off the floor. I'm sure Ben quite likes me, but he didn't bother to send me a Valentine card so I don't really know where I stand with him.

We went for a walk up the lane, but it was so windy and then it started to rain, and there were hailstones too, I wasn't that keen and neither was he, but our mummies didn't seem to notice us lagging behind, but once we turned into the other lane it was okay because we were sheltered a bit. We only walked about halfway down though, and I didn't get a chance to go in the water, so wasn't too pleased about that either.

When we got back to his house we had a chew stick each and a bonio so that was the best bit. Then I fell asleep for a while till we had to come home. Well today wasn't that exciting really was it, but still I got plenty to eat, that's the main thing. Huff.

This was me and Ben back in the summer. I'm not sure if he's trying to ignore me here or if he really likes me?

This is me in Ben's bed, hehe.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Snow's all gone

Oh huff, I've had a great day, because my friend Ben came round to play today. His mum and my mum sat talking for hours though and they looked at lots of pictures of me on the television because my mummy has her computer attached to it now. It was funny seeing these huge photos of me, they were bigger than I am really! Anyway, they had some food and I got a piece of cheese on toast, and then they talked some more, and I was beginning to think we weren't ever going to go out, but eventually we went out to the car, and drove for a while, and we got to the forest. It was lovely, there were loads of really deep puddles that I could go in, and I got really soaking wet, and quite muddy. My mate Ben didn't go in them though, he's a wimp I think. And he wouldn't stop to have his photo taken for ages, he kept ignoring his mummy and she told him off. It's a good job I'm not naughty like him, else my mummy would never get any photos of me. He kept running a long way ahead as usual and I couldn't keep up with him, but I did manage to sniff the same things as him sometimes.

Friday, 9 February 2007


Oh Huff, we had lots and lots of snow today. Mummy let me go out in the garden and have a snuffle round, there were lots of interesting things to smell, and lots of strange footprints too. I think that a smelly cat had been in my garden, pity it wasn't still there, I could have had some fun.

This afternoon, mummy insisted that I had my lead on and we walked round to the main road. I was surprised to see lots of cars and lorries, and then this big lorry came down with a huge metal scoop thing on it, and it made a horrible noise, and I was so frightened. My mummy made me carry on though and we went round to the field behind the houses, and I had a great time huffing round there. My mummy was taking lots of photos of me, and one time, she looked round and I had disappeared, because I fell down a hole, and she did laugh! It was quite funny I have to admit, and I laughed too and ran about a bit more to please her.

When we came back to our road, mummy let me off the lead and I tore round and round, it was fun. When we got indoors I had lots of snowballs stuck to me all round my legs and tummy and my mummy pulled them all off on the mat, I didn't like that very much, all I wanted was my piece of jerky for being a good girl.

Oh well, I hope the snow will still be here tomorrow so I can go and play again. Maybe I will help mummy make a snowman.

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Pictures of me!

Click on my photo here to look at my album of photos that my mummy has done.

Photobucket Album

Oh boy, my favourite..

Oh huff, my mummy took me to the seaside today. I haven't been this excited in weeks. I can't remember the last time I went in the salty water and made myself choke because I drank some of it. And oh, the joy of getting that sand everywhere. And pooing on the beach so that loads of people see me, haha, it's such fun. But the funniest thing that happened today was to my mummy. We walked along the shoreline and got to some rocks, and my mummy was trying not to get her feet wet, and this big wave came and she stepped backwards really quickly, and didn't know there was some rocks behind her, and she fell over on her bum in a rock pool. Oh, I did laugh. Mum didn't though, she was really embarrassed I think, and it looked like she'd wet herself. She said "Oh no, I've done a Pete!" Don't know what she meant, but I think she hurt her arm a bit. (and her bum) Haha. She had to take her jacket off and there was sand all over it and the sleeve was all wet. Luckily when she put it back on, it covered her wet bum, so nobody saw, I think she was pleased about that.

After that, she made me sit on the harbour wall and have the obligatory photo session, but because I was so good, guess what? She went and got me some fish and chips. Yum. Just the best day ever. Mummy was looking at some pictures of me from last year too, and she found one of me from exactly the same place, taken exactly one week earlier in 2006, so we had lovely weather then too. I'm so tired now, time for a snooze, hope you can't hear my snoring. Huff.

This is me today

This was me last year

This is when mum had the chips