Friday, 9 February 2007


Oh Huff, we had lots and lots of snow today. Mummy let me go out in the garden and have a snuffle round, there were lots of interesting things to smell, and lots of strange footprints too. I think that a smelly cat had been in my garden, pity it wasn't still there, I could have had some fun.

This afternoon, mummy insisted that I had my lead on and we walked round to the main road. I was surprised to see lots of cars and lorries, and then this big lorry came down with a huge metal scoop thing on it, and it made a horrible noise, and I was so frightened. My mummy made me carry on though and we went round to the field behind the houses, and I had a great time huffing round there. My mummy was taking lots of photos of me, and one time, she looked round and I had disappeared, because I fell down a hole, and she did laugh! It was quite funny I have to admit, and I laughed too and ran about a bit more to please her.

When we came back to our road, mummy let me off the lead and I tore round and round, it was fun. When we got indoors I had lots of snowballs stuck to me all round my legs and tummy and my mummy pulled them all off on the mat, I didn't like that very much, all I wanted was my piece of jerky for being a good girl.

Oh well, I hope the snow will still be here tomorrow so I can go and play again. Maybe I will help mummy make a snowman.


oldcrow61 said...

What fun you must have had. It's a good thing your mummy didn't fall down the hole as well, that would have been a mess. Hope the snow is still there tomorrow so you can have more fun. What lovely pictures your mum has taken of you in the snow.

Boo said...

Looking forward to your report of tomorrow Emma!

Glad you had some fun in the snow, I didn't like it very much!

Phoebe xxx

Boo said...

Flippin'eck. Just been round to Tesco with my parents, whatever do you SEE in that stuff! It's cold and it's wet. I never thought I would see home again!

Phoebe x

Emma said...

What a wimp, huff!

nicola said...

ha ha too make me laugh!!!

mydogbrandy said...

You look awfully cute playing around in the snow Emma. Sorry I'm a bit late with the comment, Brandy and I have been doing some house cleaning (well me mostly) and entertaining (mostly Brandy)