Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Hooray Hooray, I'm back...

Oh huff, at last my mummy has let me use the laptop again. I was beginning to think I'd never get my turn.

Well there's a lot to catch up with, on the weekend, she took me to one of my favourite places by the river, I think she has put about that on her piece of writing so I won't bother repeating it. The next day she took me to another place where there is no river, it's all trees, trees and more trees. It was uphill for a lot of it, and we walked and walked for about an hour. I was well tired when we got home I can tell you. I did manage to get quite muddy though, so it was worth it.

Yesterday mean old mummy didn't take me out at all, I kept looking at her everso appealingly too, but it didn't make any difference. She said no, she had to wait for the BT man whoever he was, but he didn't come and I don't think my mummy was very happy. I didn't mind too much really though because my eye was hurting me a bit, and I had to have drops put in it like before, except it was the other eye this time.

Today, well I don't know what to make of it at all. My mummy put on all her best clothes, and I saw her putting on some make-up, she hasn't done that for years. Then we went to that place where people sit around in chairs and look at one another, sometimes they have other dogs like me to say hello to, and sometimes they have smelly cats in their prison boxes, ha, just as well if I could get at them they'd be sorry. Well, today, there was only one other dog there who looked a bit like me but didn't have any black in it. Wasn't very friendly though and was crammed up against its mummy and ignored me!

Anyway, we only had to wait about five minutes and then we went into another room and my mummy put me up onto a table, and this man with a funny voice started feeling me all over and he put horrible stuff in my eyes, and then if that wasn't bad enough, he then stuck a needle in me! I was everso brave though, and I didn't say anything, but I managed to shake my head and I splashed some of the stuff on my mummy's pink jacket, haha. That serves her right. All this time, my mummy had a strange expression on her face. This man kept saying things like "ow iz er allergies" and "zair iz no olser in zis eye, you jus put zi drops in zi eye az before, but I sink you should bring er bak and I will check to see if she az zi dry eye" This funny man then felt all under my chin, and said "she az an enlarged lymph node, if eet gets any bigger, you av to come bak ere to see me, and we av to treat" I don't know how my mummy understood what he was saying, but she seemed to know anyway.

After that, we went down to the park and I went in the water, it wasn't as deep as it had been for a while so I felt quite safe, then I had a good old run about on the grass, and then we came home, and I had my piece of yummy jerky. Now it's almost time for my dins, yum, I wonder what I'll get tonight? Can't wait. Huff

Look at my green eyes - scarey!

Saturday, 20 January 2007

I went out today, yippee

Oh huff, my mummy took me out especially today, no sitting in the car waiting for her in the shops, she took me to the place by the water where there is a big hill and some old castle ruins. The water was really rough though, and I didn't want to go in, it was scarey, but I managed to find this really deep puddle in the grass and it had loads of oozy mud at the bottom so I could get loads of it up my legs, hehe. Mum didn't tell me off much though, she just said "Trust you", why would she trust me?

On the otherside of the river, there were lots of huge birds with black necks, making a honking noise, I was quite worried about them for a minute, there were about 200 of them, but then I could see they weren't going to come across, so we just carried on walking round the park.

After that we went up the slope to the ruins and I had a good huff round on the grass, then mum made me get on the bit of wall to take my picture. It was really windy though and my ears nearly got blown off, and I struggled to open my eyes, but I tried really hard to look appealing.

Mum put me back in the car, and then went off and I thought, oh no, here we go, but she was back really quickly, and she had some yummy cheesy bread thing which we shared as we looked at the river. I had a really nice day today, I love my mummy. Huff.

Friday, 19 January 2007

Not impressed with my week so far

Hmmm, well I suppose I shouldn't complain, I did get to go to those lakes again on Wednesday, but it wasn't a very nice walk, it started to pour with rain when me and mum got out of the car, but then I don't mind that, but I don't think she was very pleased. Two big dogs came up and sniffed me too and I was a bit scared, but they were both friendly and then ran off back to their humans. I managed to get really muddy and wet but mum didn't moan at me, I think she was too busy trying to dry herself.

Yesterday she took me to the park that is close by, and I had a really good huff round on the grass there, my shoulder doesn't hurt so much now, it must be because I have been laying around so much, I didn't limp at all today, I could tell mum was pleased. When we got home, mum cut all my claws. I hate her doing that, it really tickles, especially on my back feet, but I know I have to endure it, because I always get a really nice biscuit if I let her.

I didn't get to go out today though, mum went off without me this morning, I wasn't very pleased about that, but she wasn't gone for long. Then this afternoon, it got very windy and wet again, so I guessed I would be stuck here again. Sigh.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

At last!

Oh Joy! I got to see the outside world again today. I can't believe it, I was so excited when mum started to put her coat on, I barked and barked, I hadn't forgotten how to do that even though it's been years since I got taken out. I thought it was a trick at first because although mum let me in the car, she spent ages cleaning all the condensation off the inside of the car windows, and she was worried that it wouldn't start as well, after all it hadn't moved for a week, but despite all the damp and rain, it fired up first time, and we were off.

I had to be good and sit in the car for a while again whilst she went and bought lots of stuff for those pesky birds, but I could smell there were some of my biscuits too. Then, and, you won't believe this, but we went to McDonalds. I was nearly beside myself then, oh the aroma of those chips! We drove down to the bottom car park and mum got the stuff out of the bag, and then she said some very rude words and we had to drive all the way back and she went inside with the bag. We only had two of the chips too, I was distraught, but then she came back with a fresh bag and we went back to the car park again, and yum, I got loads. Mum didn't seem like she wanted many and I know she was telling me fibs when she said "all gone" and put the bag in the boot, there were definitely some left! Oh well, she then took me to the place by the water, and I managed to get nice and muddy and soaked to the skin right up to my neck so it wasn't a bad day in the end. Normally I can't keep up with my mum when we go round this place but she was lagging behind a bit today, not sure what was wrong, still makes a change for me to not to have to rush about to catch her up.

When we got home, mum went outside and took that smelly cockerel outside with her, good riddance, I could hear him crowing, damn nuisance. He's back in here now though, I was hoping I was rid of him at last but no such luck. Ah well, time for a nap I think, it's been a long exhausting day today... Huff

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Life sure is exciting at the moment

Well I now haven't been out for a walk for days and days. Everytime up till today that I've asked to go outside, I've been subjected to getting mauled by a smelly wet towel when I come back in, and I haven't managed to get many dirty muddy feet onto mum's beige rug or the bed sheets, sigh. I really thought that as the sun was shining, that today would be the day, when I could run free, get some fresh air in my lungs, and a breeze up my tail, but no, still she sits here, hour after hour looking at that bloody screen and tapping away on those keys. Or occasionally going outside and I can't go with her out the back because "it's too muddy" Huh! I'm so fed up. Have now given up even asking. Maybe she will never take me again, and I will be condemned forever to plodding round the front garden.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, that bloody cockerel tried to get me this morning, he did give me a fright. I'm not sure of his game now, he has changed tactics, he seemed to be very friendly, but I am wondering if it was all part of a clever plot to come between me and mum? Hmmm. I will have to be on my guard in future.

I'm telling you, it's no laughing matter!

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Another exciting day

My mum said I was a pain yesterday. Dunno what that means but she didn't seem very pleased with me. It wasn't my fault though, I didn't do anything. I only wanted to go outside for a wee a few times, and thought I would get a nice walk, it was a lovely afternoon. But all she did was lay in bed with the curtains drawn. Lazy cow. She did manage to get out a few times though and I still got my biscuits and my dinner so that's not too bad I suppose. I heard her talking to someone on the phone thing earlier that she has chicken pox, I bet she's got it from that damn cockerel in here, Diddy Boy. I knew he'd be trouble the second I saw him. Poor mum.

I heard her say that she's contagious and that she has to stay away from people for a few days, so I guess that means I'll be stuck in here a bit longer. Oh well, the weather outside is awful, so perhaps it's not the end of the world. Huff.

Diddy the Troublemaker

Friday, 5 January 2007

Oh no, not again!

I thought for one awful moment that yesterday was going to turn into another day like Tuesday, mum stuck me in the car, and we drove to the shops, and then she walked off and left me again. Luckily this time though, she was only gone for a little while, then we went round to that Tesco place again, and I saw mum's friend, who is the mum of my mate Ben. They went off and were gone ages. When they came back, I smelled mum's mouth and she had been eating something! Anyhow, we then drove off following mum's friend, and then we got to her house eventually, and at last I was allowed out. I tried desperately to get to Ben's bowl of Bakers before they remembered to pick it up from the floor, but mum hooked my lead over the fence whilst they took all the shopping in. Swines. I did get some biscuits eventually though, and then we went for a walk up the road. I went in the water as usual, but it wasn't that deep so I couldn't get completely soaked. That walk really puffs me out now cos it's uphill all the way, but it's okay going back and I can keep up with Ben then, not much of a mate though, he just ignores me most of the time.

My mum wasn't feeling very well today, she took me to see the vet about my bad eye, but there were too many people waiting, so she said to the lady she would take me back on Tuesday, (so what's up with Monday?? ) She then took me to the park, but we only walked a little way and then we went back to the car, poor mum looked awful. I've tried to be everso good today though, and apart from having smelly feet, I haven't been told off at all. Huff.

My mate Ben

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Huh, what a lousy day I've had!

Mum took me in the car today, over to her friend's, and she didn't let me out, but they both came and got in after a few minutes, and then we drove for miles and miles, and finally pulled up at some shops. I was so excited, but then they walked off and left me for hours and hours (well it seemed like it, I think it may have only been about an hour) But I showed them. Ha, I was sick on the front seat, that'll teach them. Unfortunately, Irene saw it before she sat in it, so I wasted my time there then. Then even worse, we drove round to another place, and I could smell chips - oh heaven, it was MacDonalds - but then they left me in the bloody car again! When they came back, they didn't even bring me one lousy chip, the rats! Then we drove all the way home again,and I could see the sea out of the window all the way back, but it was everso rough and although I kept barking with excitement, mum said no, its too cold and too rough, we aren't stopping. I was well fed up. When we got back to Irene's though,mum took me round two of her fields, and it was all squelchy and muddy, and I managed to plaster mud all up my legs, and mum was wearing her best trainers and she got them all splattered in mud too, hee hee. Serves her right. It wasn't all bad though, I was allowed indoors after I'd been rubbed with the towel, and then I got a biscuit. And when we got home, I got a huge bit of Jerky, and it lasted me for about 20 minutes, and I managed to chew a lot of it into my ear, ha ha. Mum wasn't very pleased with me again though. Oh well, that's about as exciting as it got today, and I'm very tired now, because I've been awake all day. Huff.