Friday, 5 January 2007

Oh no, not again!

I thought for one awful moment that yesterday was going to turn into another day like Tuesday, mum stuck me in the car, and we drove to the shops, and then she walked off and left me again. Luckily this time though, she was only gone for a little while, then we went round to that Tesco place again, and I saw mum's friend, who is the mum of my mate Ben. They went off and were gone ages. When they came back, I smelled mum's mouth and she had been eating something! Anyhow, we then drove off following mum's friend, and then we got to her house eventually, and at last I was allowed out. I tried desperately to get to Ben's bowl of Bakers before they remembered to pick it up from the floor, but mum hooked my lead over the fence whilst they took all the shopping in. Swines. I did get some biscuits eventually though, and then we went for a walk up the road. I went in the water as usual, but it wasn't that deep so I couldn't get completely soaked. That walk really puffs me out now cos it's uphill all the way, but it's okay going back and I can keep up with Ben then, not much of a mate though, he just ignores me most of the time.

My mum wasn't feeling very well today, she took me to see the vet about my bad eye, but there were too many people waiting, so she said to the lady she would take me back on Tuesday, (so what's up with Monday?? ) She then took me to the park, but we only walked a little way and then we went back to the car, poor mum looked awful. I've tried to be everso good today though, and apart from having smelly feet, I haven't been told off at all. Huff.

My mate Ben


oldcrow61 said...

Aw Emma, however did a lovely little dog like you get smelly feet. Your friend Ben looks like a lovely fellow. Sorry your mums not feeling well, but I'm sure you will be giving her lots of kisses to help her get better.

Boo said...

Aw what a good girl for not being too naughty when your mum wasn't feeling well. She will need lots of TLC from you, so I hope you will do your best!

mydogbrandy said...

I have to say Emma, that your mate Ben is awfully cute. And he doesn't mind sharing his food with you too! Ha that clinches it, you have a good friend there, never mind that he ignores you on occasion.

Take care Emma's mum and Emma and stay warm.