Friday, 19 January 2007

Not impressed with my week so far

Hmmm, well I suppose I shouldn't complain, I did get to go to those lakes again on Wednesday, but it wasn't a very nice walk, it started to pour with rain when me and mum got out of the car, but then I don't mind that, but I don't think she was very pleased. Two big dogs came up and sniffed me too and I was a bit scared, but they were both friendly and then ran off back to their humans. I managed to get really muddy and wet but mum didn't moan at me, I think she was too busy trying to dry herself.

Yesterday she took me to the park that is close by, and I had a really good huff round on the grass there, my shoulder doesn't hurt so much now, it must be because I have been laying around so much, I didn't limp at all today, I could tell mum was pleased. When we got home, mum cut all my claws. I hate her doing that, it really tickles, especially on my back feet, but I know I have to endure it, because I always get a really nice biscuit if I let her.

I didn't get to go out today though, mum went off without me this morning, I wasn't very pleased about that, but she wasn't gone for long. Then this afternoon, it got very windy and wet again, so I guessed I would be stuck here again. Sigh.


nicola said...

awww look at your cute face

Pete said...

pleased your shoulder is feeling better!!

Boo said...

Poor Emma, never mind the nice weather will soon be with us. Loads of walkies then!

Phoebe x