Sunday, 14 January 2007

At last!

Oh Joy! I got to see the outside world again today. I can't believe it, I was so excited when mum started to put her coat on, I barked and barked, I hadn't forgotten how to do that even though it's been years since I got taken out. I thought it was a trick at first because although mum let me in the car, she spent ages cleaning all the condensation off the inside of the car windows, and she was worried that it wouldn't start as well, after all it hadn't moved for a week, but despite all the damp and rain, it fired up first time, and we were off.

I had to be good and sit in the car for a while again whilst she went and bought lots of stuff for those pesky birds, but I could smell there were some of my biscuits too. Then, and, you won't believe this, but we went to McDonalds. I was nearly beside myself then, oh the aroma of those chips! We drove down to the bottom car park and mum got the stuff out of the bag, and then she said some very rude words and we had to drive all the way back and she went inside with the bag. We only had two of the chips too, I was distraught, but then she came back with a fresh bag and we went back to the car park again, and yum, I got loads. Mum didn't seem like she wanted many and I know she was telling me fibs when she said "all gone" and put the bag in the boot, there were definitely some left! Oh well, she then took me to the place by the water, and I managed to get nice and muddy and soaked to the skin right up to my neck so it wasn't a bad day in the end. Normally I can't keep up with my mum when we go round this place but she was lagging behind a bit today, not sure what was wrong, still makes a change for me to not to have to rush about to catch her up.

When we got home, mum went outside and took that smelly cockerel outside with her, good riddance, I could hear him crowing, damn nuisance. He's back in here now though, I was hoping I was rid of him at last but no such luck. Ah well, time for a nap I think, it's been a long exhausting day today... Huff


Pete said...

yay chips!!!

nicola said...

Pleased you had a good day, chips too!

oldcrow61 said...

Aw Emma, isn't it wonderful that your mum is feeling better and don't you look like a little charmer in the pictures. And you got your chips, YAY!

Boo said...

Emma, lucky you, walkies and chips! YAY. Glad your mum was up to a walk even if she did lag behind a bit!