Saturday, 19 May 2007

Now look what she's done!

Is there to be no end to my humiliation this week? My mummy found a new website this week, with pictures of very silly dogs, some of them were dressed up in people clothes!It was called stuffonmymutt, Haha, I did laugh. Well I didn't laugh today when my mummy made me sit with my elephant toy on my head, what on earth is the matter with her? She thought it was funny, well I didn't!

Friday, 18 May 2007

Not too keen on this week so far

Oh huff, I've not been able to get on here for a while, but I had to come on today to tell you about this week.

Well on Monday, my mummy and her friend took me a long way away, I was in the car for ages, and when we pulled up and got out of the car, they introduced me to a man! He seemed very nice, and we all went for a walk round this big park, and I wanted to go in the river but my mummy kept saying No, it's too rough. Well, I was trying really hard to ignore her, but in the end she put me back on the lead, so that was that. Huh!

After that we got back in the car and drove to a new place, and they sat at a table and I was allowed to sit by them too, and oh huff, what joy, the nice man got me some chips especially for me. But my joy soon turned to agony when he gave me a chip and it was so hot, it burned my mouth. I spat it out very quickly I can tell you! What a nasty man he turned out to be. I wouldn't take any more chips from him again, I could tell his game, even though he waited till they were cool, I showed him, and would only take them from my mummy.

After that we went for another walk and I had to sit in a big hut again like I did a few weeks ago and look at everyone's legs for ages. There was another dog this time, but he didn't take any notice of me. Then we all walked and sat at a picnic table and there were two other dogs, one of them was being very silly and wanting to play with everyone with his toy, how childish! We came home then, and I was so tired because I was awake for hours and hours.

Then today, my mummy went out and left me when she went with her friend. I don't much like that, but when she came home, she showed me all the shopping, but there wasn't any for me, huh! When her friend had gone, she took me to the park though, so that was quite nice, but it was very windy. When we got back my mummy was acting strangely, and I was snoozing by the bed when she came and picked me up and put me in the bath! Oh no, my worst nightmare finally came true! How I hate it, even though it's quite nice to have my itchy bits scratched, but I don't like my ears being washed and that shampoo stuff stinks, but my mummy said I stink, I don't understand that bit, why cover me in something else that stinks then? I have been everso itchy again for the last few days, even though my mummy stuck the needle thing in me it didn't help much, so she said this smelly shampoo stuff may help. It's so embarrassing to have your picture taken when in the bath too, has she no respect? She dried me with that noisy blowing thing which I hate, and now I am so exhausted by all the trauma I am going to have to go and lay down. Huff.

The Silly dog

Friday, 4 May 2007

Oh huff, it's been so hot...

I've been too hot to do my blog just lately, it takes all my energy just to find time to eat and go for a walk.

Today it was a bit cooler as it was quite windy. My mummy took me to her friends house and I sat under the table when they were eating, mainly because it was cooler under there, but also hoping someone would drop some food. Didn't have a lot of luck there though, but my mummy did save me a small piece of cheese.

After that we went in the car with her dog Ayra, I don't mind her, she isn't noisy when she isn't with those other dogs. We went a little way and then we stopped and got out of the car. There was a small bit of water for me to get in but it was everso shallow but I had a drink anyway. Then we went into the woods and there were lots of things to smell. It was still quite hot in there though because the trees stopped the wind. There were lots of those blue flower things again and my mummy kept taking more pictures and so did her friend. The walk is very hard, as it is very steep in some places. Luckily we stopped at a bench for a while and me and Ayra had a lay down. Then we went up very high and then back down again. I was really exhausted after that, and I still am, so I am going to bed now, my mummy just made me go outside and I had my choccies when I came back, but I can't keep my eyes open any more. Huff.