Thursday, 13 September 2007

It's my Birthday!

Oh huff, I'm so excited. I've had such a great day today, and my mummy has let me use the laptop again, life doesn't get much better. I wish everyday could be my birthday.

Well the day started off pretty normally I think, I actually wonder if my mummy had forgotten my birthday. She didn't say anything. She let me chase a cat though out of the garden, so I had a good start. Then we went out in the car, and I waited only a little while and then we went down to the seaside, and I had a great time in the river that leads to the sea. I couldn't see the sea water though, it was too far away, but the river was great fun, although I went out of my depth once and it made me snort, I was a bit worried for a couple of steps there.

After that we walked right along to the cafe and my mummy made me wait outside and she was gone ages it seemed but then she came out with some bags and we went to a bench, and I had lots of huge pieces of tuna roll, and then some scone and then she went and got a strawberry ice cream. We sat for ages in the sunshine, I sat under the bench though because I was hot, and then I fancied eating some grass as I wasn't really all that full, and mummy didn't seem like she was going to get anything else to eat for me.

When we came home, she gave me my presents, which was my favourite treat in the crinkly packet, oh boy, it's so smelly and stinky, I love it, it's called Puffed Jerky and I can normally manage to chew lots of it into my ears, heh heh. I got a new toy too, although I wouldn't hurt my mummy's feelings by telling her but I'm not really bothered about more toys, I still like my white bunny best.

Well after that, I am really tired now, I walked about three miles today, so quite a long way for my little legs really, so now I'm going to have a sleep before dinner. Hope my mummy will let me use the laptop again soon, huff.