Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I've been everso naughty haven't I?

Oh huff, I've been such a bad dog I know. I am everso sorry, but I just haven't felt like coming on here for ages now and writing anything. I know all you fans will have been so disappointed, and it will serve me right if nobody reads my stories any more. The thing is, my mummy has been feeling down in the dumps too, and I've been trying hard to cheer her up. And for ages, we were so busy going over to her friends every day and going for such long walks with one of her dogs, that I was just too exhausted to bother most days.

Well, it's been very strange but we haven't been to see my mummy's friend for over aweek now and she hasn't been here either. I don't know what's going on, but things were looking up a bit today, because I met another nice new dog, his name is Tim, and guess what? He is going to live right next door to me. He was very friendly and he wagged his tail really fast and sniffed me through my garden gate. He is quite handsome, but he is big, but I always like big dogs best really, because my best friend Ben is big too. So I was quite excited about that. But best of all, my mummy took me to the shops today too, and because I was so good, we had some CHIPS! We sat and ate them in the car because it was raining really hard, and my mummy took lots of silly pictures of me. I can't help my face, I was just so excited. After that we had a walk and I went in some really deep puddles and got nice and smelly, so it's been quite a fun day today. I'm really tired again now though, so am going to have a nice snooze. I promise to try and write a bit more often from now on though, but it is difficult because I don't do much that is very exciting.

Oh no, they've all gone! :o(