Sunday, 31 December 2006

New Year's Eve

Well I haven't done much today, because the weather was so awful. In fact, I didn't even get up till 11.30 this morning. Mum even took a picture of me as she was so surprised at me still being there. I did manage to half open my eyes and try to smile at the camera.

The rest of the day passed without much happening, mum was watching the tv nearly all day, the noise of the wind was terrible, and I didn't much fancy going out, but she made me go down the road later on because it had stopped raining, and I did quite enjoy myself huffing round the field once I got there. Uphill all the way home though and I was quite puffed out.

Mum stuck one of those pointy needle things in me today, but I was brave as always, have gotten used to it now after over a year. She says it's to stop me itching, and seems to work most of the time, although I still like to have a good old rake around now and then. I always get a nice biscuit after too, so makes it all worthwhile.

Ah well, let's hope tomorrow and the new year brings some better weather. I'm not much looking forward to later though when they make all those horrible banging noises, I still don't know why they do that in the dark. Mum gets really angry because it frightens her birds. I just bark a lot, and that means we don't get any sleep. Huff.

Saturday, 30 December 2006

My First Post

Hi, I'm so excited, as this is my very first post.

It's going to be such fun writing about my days and places that I go, most days I go out with my mum, but I can't promise to always write about it everyday, as I get very tired these days, well I am getting a bit middle-aged (so is my mum apparently) and I like to sleep a lot.

When I go out, I like to get everso wet and muddy if at all possible, and then I can get lots of attention when I have to be dried with a towel.

I had to sit in the car for hours and hours today, while mum went into a place with a big sign, I could just see it if I stretched up and looked through the car window, it said T E S C O I think. After that, because I had been so good, we went and had my favourite thing in all the world - CHIPS! I sat on mum's lap in the car and we were in a queue, and then this person in a window handed mum a bag with them in, and I barked and barked and made him jump, ha ha!

Then, because it had stopped raining, we went to the place with the big lakes and I went right in and got absolutely soaked, mum didn't 'arf shout at me, ha ha. Anyway, she took some more photos of me with the little thing she waves around sometimes. I try my best to concentrate, she always says biskits and then I look, but then she's never got any! Nasty trick if you ask me. Oh well, I usually get one when we get back in the car though, so I suppose it's not all bad.

Mum says she's going to put lots of pictures of me on here in a gallery, whatever that is, so you will all be able to see me in all sorts of poses.

Well that's enough for this time, I am feeling really sleepy now, it's been a long day, I haven't had a snooze for at least a couple of hours, so will say bye till next time. Huff.