Saturday, 31 March 2007

Oh no....

I'm keeping a low profile, my mummy mentioned a word that I don't like very much, so I'm being everso good and pretending to be fast asleep. The word? BATH! I hate it, but I'm really smelly at the moment apparently, and I keep scratching, it's that time of year again. My mummy made me have lots of tests a while ago, and I had my tummy shaved and they put lots of things on me to see if they made me itch, and lots of them did, that's why I have the needle thing stuck in me every month now. But it doesn't always work completely and I still scratch and big lumps of fur keep falling out and mummy moans at me.

Anyway, I don't think she feels very well just now, so maybe I've got away with it for today, and when we went out for a walk just now, I went in the water and hoped that would be good enough, but apparently I still stink. Oh well, perhaps if I slink off into the bedroom now, mummy will forget all about it...... Huff

It's very worrying with all these trees falling down around here

I sat and posed here despite being worried about that scary water behind me

The water was quite shallow here, my usual spot for a quick bit of paddling.

Monday, 26 March 2007

The seaside again

Oh huff, I've had a great day again today. My mate Ben came round with his mummy, and we went to the seaside. We had a long walk along the top of the beach on the path, it was really hot once we got out of the breeze, but I didn't fancy going in the water today, incase Ben thought I was being a show off, so I just stayed on the path. He probably wouldn't have noticed me though anyway, as usual he was running about half a mile in front of us and ignoring me. When we got back to the car, my mummy drove round to another car park and she and Ben's mummy went off and left us for a while, but then, oh joy, they came back with CHIPS! And we sat outside round the harbour and I got loads of them, hehe. Ben didn't though, he doesn't know what he's missing, he never wants any goodies. Then we walked up to the shops and we had ICE CREAM! Although I only had a tiny piece of cornet when it was nearly all gone, I thought I wasn't going to get any.
I was worried about the ice cream...

..but then I got some, huff

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Another trip to the seaside

Huff, I expect everyone has given up with my blog, my mummy has been so selfish, she keeps writing her one and hasn't let me use the laptop again, she has been using it herself ALL the time!

Well, I have done lots of things since the last time I wrote, but will just tell you about today - we went to the seaside again. It was a place I've been to lots of times before, called Cwm Tudu. It was a nice sunny day although quite windy when we got there and the sea was quite rough. To be honest, my mummy kept saying go in the water, but I didn't much like the look of it, but just to please her I went in some rock pools, and in the river that runs into the sea. She went in a spooky cave, but I wasn't keen on that much either. After that, we went right up the steep cliff path where there were lots of horses smells and foot prints, but we never see the horses, I'm glad really though, horses are scarey. Then we walked back down the windy road to where the car was but my mummy said I had to go in the water AGAIN! I got all muddy up the cliff apparently, so off I toddled. Then I wondered why we weren't going to the cafe and I stood there waiting, but my mummy said no, it's closed! It's always closed, I don't understand how the man in there earns enough money to be closed for 6 months, there were lots of people today who would have bought chips and things from him. Oh huff, no chips for me then, but my mummy had a yummy tuna and pasta thing in the car and an apple so I had some of that, and a couple of my smelly old biscuits, so I guess I was lucky to get anything.

Mummy was in the spooky cave

The sea was rough

Mummy tried to tempt me into the scarey cave with a biscuit...

I sat down in the water, but I tried to keep my tail dry, I thought it was funny, huff

This is me up the cliff path, my mummy had to stop because she was puffing and panting, I wondered what was up with her. Huff

Sunday, 4 March 2007

The Seaside

Oh huff, I had a great day yesterday, because my mummy took me to the seaside! I've been to this place lots of times before, and I have such a great time. I couldn't wait to get in the water, it was quite rough though and a wave swept me off my feet, and I got washed in, it was such fun. There was this other dog there, and he kept wanting to play with me, but I wasn't having any of it, he was too lively for me, and he didn't go in the water either, what a wimp. He just wanted to run after a silly ball that his mummy kept throwing for him.

After we went back to the car and my mummy had rubbed all the sand off me (ouch, why does she do that, it's very scratchy?) she went and got some CHIPS! Wow, can things ever get better than this? We sat on a bench by the car and looked down at the beach whilst we ate them all, and there were lots of other dogs playing and running around.

I had a scary time last night though. My mummy was watching something on the television, it was this big glowing ball thing in the dark, and it really frightened me, I was growling and growling at it to warn her, but she kept telling me off. She put a cushion in my face so I couldn't see the tv screen, and I tried really hard to look round or under it in case the thing came out of the television and got us. She didn't seem to be scared though, she said it was the moon. How silly, the moon can't be on the television, and why was it a funny red colour? I was glad when she said we were going to bed, and the scary thing went away I can tell you. She kept going outside too, she never does that in the dark, I really got quite unsettled with it all. Now today I am exhausted, still it doesn't look like I will be going anywhere today as it's very windy and raining again, so I will have a good sleep instead. Huff.