Sunday, 31 December 2006

New Year's Eve

Well I haven't done much today, because the weather was so awful. In fact, I didn't even get up till 11.30 this morning. Mum even took a picture of me as she was so surprised at me still being there. I did manage to half open my eyes and try to smile at the camera.

The rest of the day passed without much happening, mum was watching the tv nearly all day, the noise of the wind was terrible, and I didn't much fancy going out, but she made me go down the road later on because it had stopped raining, and I did quite enjoy myself huffing round the field once I got there. Uphill all the way home though and I was quite puffed out.

Mum stuck one of those pointy needle things in me today, but I was brave as always, have gotten used to it now after over a year. She says it's to stop me itching, and seems to work most of the time, although I still like to have a good old rake around now and then. I always get a nice biscuit after too, so makes it all worthwhile.

Ah well, let's hope tomorrow and the new year brings some better weather. I'm not much looking forward to later though when they make all those horrible banging noises, I still don't know why they do that in the dark. Mum gets really angry because it frightens her birds. I just bark a lot, and that means we don't get any sleep. Huff.


mydogbrandy said...

It's a pleasure to meet you Emma and your Mum too. You sound just like my dog, Brandy, both loving to laze around in bed. I think you are a cutie.

To the Mum, hi there, I'm here courtesy of the Mermbuts message board :) Read your comments there and have also decided to implement comment moderation on my blog site as well, good idea that.

Just a question on Emma's itching. Sometimes Brandy has terrible itches on the sides of her body and she scratches and scratches leaving bald red and sometimes bleeding small patches. I have been to the vet numerous times (& paid a lot of money too) and nothing works well. My dad has a home remedy that seems to work but I wonder what causes this problem. It doesn't happen all the time and has never happened to my other dogs. My vet seems quite useless on this matter. Any advise?


Emma said...

Hi brandz, thanks for your comments. My dog has had allergies for about 5 years now, she had all sorts of tests, food deprivation, blood tests, you name it, but then last year, they did a special one where they shave the skin and actually inject a tiny bit of all sorts of things into her. It turned out she was allergic to so much, it was untrue. Hers is mainly seasonal though, the worst things being grass pollen, tree pollen, house dust mites (all year of course) meal mites (scary apparently these are always present in dried dog food/biscuits) She has vaccine once a month now and its been such a relief to her and me to not see her ripping herself to bits. The tests were a new thing, and the vaccine has to be manufactured specifically for her and comes from Holland. Hope this helps. (It doesn't come cheap either as you can imagine, the tests and first lot of vaccine came to nearly £200, I think thats about $400? Vaccine is around £100 for 10 months supply.)

Randy Carboni said...

Another Mermbut dog blog. My beagle will feel left out if he finds out about this trend :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooooooo lovely picture, can I come in and nine bunz, looks so cosy in there.Pauline.

think I posted twice on last one, it did nt come up, so posted again, but I can see now, need to wait to be approved.
I would have a look at the yahoo blog, just allow friends, then you don t have to worry, you can also add lots to it as well.
don t think this has worked , so will post again.

Boo said...

Phoebe says Hi! She doesn't like those bangy things either, she barks a lot and gets very stressed out. Unfortunately I couldn't be with her on New Year's Eve so she must have been a very unhappy doggy! I must say you do look cosy in that bed, no wonder you didn't get up until 11.30 am