Saturday, 20 January 2007

I went out today, yippee

Oh huff, my mummy took me out especially today, no sitting in the car waiting for her in the shops, she took me to the place by the water where there is a big hill and some old castle ruins. The water was really rough though, and I didn't want to go in, it was scarey, but I managed to find this really deep puddle in the grass and it had loads of oozy mud at the bottom so I could get loads of it up my legs, hehe. Mum didn't tell me off much though, she just said "Trust you", why would she trust me?

On the otherside of the river, there were lots of huge birds with black necks, making a honking noise, I was quite worried about them for a minute, there were about 200 of them, but then I could see they weren't going to come across, so we just carried on walking round the park.

After that we went up the slope to the ruins and I had a good huff round on the grass, then mum made me get on the bit of wall to take my picture. It was really windy though and my ears nearly got blown off, and I struggled to open my eyes, but I tried really hard to look appealing.

Mum put me back in the car, and then went off and I thought, oh no, here we go, but she was back really quickly, and she had some yummy cheesy bread thing which we shared as we looked at the river. I had a really nice day today, I love my mummy. Huff.


nicola said...

awww emma, looks really windy in your photo! You should start charging your mum to take photos of you!! ;)

oldcrow61 said...

Ah, little Emma, sounds like you had a great day. You look absolutely adorable with your hair all wind blown.

mydogbrandy said...

Wow, the wind was really strong that day. Emma, you do look very cute with the windblown look.

Try not to get into too many mud puddles Emma. I know it's hard to resist but your Mum has to clean off all that mud and with that long hair of yours, it's a big job.

I am glad that you had a wonderful outing and that you enjoyed your cheese bread.

Boo said...

Emma, you look stunning as always. The windswepted look really suits you.

Pete said...

emma - hasn't mum let you at the keyboard lately

Emma said...

no Pete, my mummy has been too greedy to let me use the laptop, she has been tapping away on those keys night and day on something she calls a forum, about that really boring programme Celebrity Big Brother. Thank f*** it's just finished, and we can get back to normal. Huff