Sunday, 7 January 2007

Another exciting day

My mum said I was a pain yesterday. Dunno what that means but she didn't seem very pleased with me. It wasn't my fault though, I didn't do anything. I only wanted to go outside for a wee a few times, and thought I would get a nice walk, it was a lovely afternoon. But all she did was lay in bed with the curtains drawn. Lazy cow. She did manage to get out a few times though and I still got my biscuits and my dinner so that's not too bad I suppose. I heard her talking to someone on the phone thing earlier that she has chicken pox, I bet she's got it from that damn cockerel in here, Diddy Boy. I knew he'd be trouble the second I saw him. Poor mum.

I heard her say that she's contagious and that she has to stay away from people for a few days, so I guess that means I'll be stuck in here a bit longer. Oh well, the weather outside is awful, so perhaps it's not the end of the world. Huff.

Diddy the Troublemaker


oldcrow61 said...

lol Emma, what a little character you are. Now, you be nice to Diddy Boy. He didn't give your mom chicken pox, a human did. Take care of your mum, she will be better soon and you will be back to your walks and rides in the car.

nicola said...

so funny, emma you are such a funny dog, you should have a newspaper column

Boo said...

She should have her own chat show!

Pete said...

you'll soon be out being fed chips again