Thursday, 22 February 2007

Hehe, I got really muddy today....

Huff, my mummy took me over to her friend's house today. Well, I'm not very keen on that because of those two big dogs there, but they are kept in a big cage in the kitchen so they can't normally get me, but their barking is so loud, it really frightens me. The best bit though is that I always get lots of biscuits, yum.

After that, we went to the nice spooky place by the river. It was a bit scary though because the water was so high it was about to flood across onto the fields, it was rushing by so fast, I didn't want to go in it today, oh not likely. I managed to walk in lots and lots of muddy bits in the field and the woodland path though, it was splattered all up my legs and on my tummy. My mummy had her wellies on, but she still got mud splattered up her jeans too, haha. For the first time in ages, when she wanted to take my picture and said "BISCUITS" she actually had one for me in her pocket, at last she has stopped lying to me.

It's my mummy's birthday next week, and I have been racking my brains trying to think what to get her. The choice is a bit limited really, but I was wondering if I could pretend to eat one of my bonios, and hide it, and give her that. I'm not sure if I could stop myself from eating it though, it will be everso hard. Or I could pretend to eat my milky choccies one night, but just keep them in my mouth till she isn't looking then hide them under the sofa or something, I know she likes my choccies. Which do you think she would like the best?

Oh well, I will have a few days to think about it, I'm very tired now though as I've been awake all day again, and had a lot to contend with today. Huff.

The scary water

Huff, just had my biscuit

Lots of snowdrops (and me..)


oldcrow61 said...

Whooooo, I know your mummy would just love your choccies. lol. My goodness you pose so lovely in the pictures. Such a sweetie.

Boo said...

I agree with OC, Emma, though I would find it hard to give up either.

If your mummy really loves you she wouldn't expect a pressie as well.

Phoebe xx

nicola said...

awwww yeah give her some chocs, but make sure you hide them in your mouth first, give them a bit of a chew, then hide them where there is some fluff and hair, your mummy would love that. Make sure though that she proper eats them once you have given them to her......

mydogbrandy said...

Oh Emma, the pic of you licking your lips after the yummy biscuit is really really sweet. Glad you enjoyed your treat.

I think if you're just an extra good girl (I know you're already a good girl) on your Mum's birthday, that would be a wonderful present for her.