Sunday, 4 February 2007

Oh boy, my favourite..

Oh huff, my mummy took me to the seaside today. I haven't been this excited in weeks. I can't remember the last time I went in the salty water and made myself choke because I drank some of it. And oh, the joy of getting that sand everywhere. And pooing on the beach so that loads of people see me, haha, it's such fun. But the funniest thing that happened today was to my mummy. We walked along the shoreline and got to some rocks, and my mummy was trying not to get her feet wet, and this big wave came and she stepped backwards really quickly, and didn't know there was some rocks behind her, and she fell over on her bum in a rock pool. Oh, I did laugh. Mum didn't though, she was really embarrassed I think, and it looked like she'd wet herself. She said "Oh no, I've done a Pete!" Don't know what she meant, but I think she hurt her arm a bit. (and her bum) Haha. She had to take her jacket off and there was sand all over it and the sleeve was all wet. Luckily when she put it back on, it covered her wet bum, so nobody saw, I think she was pleased about that.

After that, she made me sit on the harbour wall and have the obligatory photo session, but because I was so good, guess what? She went and got me some fish and chips. Yum. Just the best day ever. Mummy was looking at some pictures of me from last year too, and she found one of me from exactly the same place, taken exactly one week earlier in 2006, so we had lovely weather then too. I'm so tired now, time for a snooze, hope you can't hear my snoring. Huff.

This is me today

This was me last year

This is when mum had the chips


Pete said...

any photos of mum and the rock pool....

oh picture missing emma

nicola said...

ha ha ha ha , emma you crack me up!!!

Now if we could get a photo of your mum doing a "pete"!!

oldcrow61 said...

Emma, that last picture here cracked me up, what a face. What a great mummy you have to get you fish and chips. I can tell by the look on your face that it must be one of your favorite things.

Boo said...

Yes, wish you were able to use a camera Emma, would love to have seen mummy doing a 'Pete'!

Boy do you look grumpy on the harbour wall, but really happy in the last one! Guess it was the fish and chips that brought that smile to your face. :D

mydogbrandy said...

I love the last photo here. You look all bright eyed and eager and I hope you had lots of lovely chips. The seaside looks wonderful in the sunshine and I'm glad you had a lovely day. Wish my dog Brandy was as good off the leash as you are Emma.