Thursday, 15 February 2007

Saw Ben again today.

My mum took me out in the car today, and then after I had sat outside the shops for a while, she came out and I sat on her lap and I could smell that she had eaten something, it smelled like CAKE! I was quite excited as usually we then go and get CHIPS, but this time we went past the place, and drove over to my mate Ben's house. Huff, twice in a week I get to see him, he actually seemed pleased to see me today too, and he came running with his teddy for me. I played hard to get though and just ran straight past him to get to his bowl of biscuits, but his mummy was too fast for me, and managed to get them up off the floor. I'm sure Ben quite likes me, but he didn't bother to send me a Valentine card so I don't really know where I stand with him.

We went for a walk up the lane, but it was so windy and then it started to rain, and there were hailstones too, I wasn't that keen and neither was he, but our mummies didn't seem to notice us lagging behind, but once we turned into the other lane it was okay because we were sheltered a bit. We only walked about halfway down though, and I didn't get a chance to go in the water, so wasn't too pleased about that either.

When we got back to his house we had a chew stick each and a bonio so that was the best bit. Then I fell asleep for a while till we had to come home. Well today wasn't that exciting really was it, but still I got plenty to eat, that's the main thing. Huff.

This was me and Ben back in the summer. I'm not sure if he's trying to ignore me here or if he really likes me?

This is me in Ben's bed, hehe.


nicola said...

emma ask pete to share the card he got, would be perfect for you and ben

oldcrow61 said...

I just can't believe a sweet little dog like you ignored your friend and went running for his biscuits instead. And, him bringing his teddy to you, tut, tut. lol. I like the picture of you and Ben, so sweet.

mydogbrandy said...

Ben looks huge next to you! I think he likes you 'cos he brought you his teddy to play with, shares his food with you and doesn't mind you sitting on his bed.