Wednesday, 25 April 2007

She's been at it again!

My mummy's friend came round today with another lady, she said it was her mummy. She was very nice, and made a lot of fuss of me, but spent a lot of time talking to the budgie too, so I had to make my presence felt and kept squashing between them on the sofa. I was well pleased that she didn't seem to want all of her sandwiches at feeding time though and I got loads of bits of cheese sandwich, I don't think my mummy noticed quite how much of it I got, yum.

After they went, my mummy took me in the car to the river where the people float along on top of the water in things that look like painted logs, but we only saw one today. I went in the water by the beach, and then we went across the field, and then on the way back my mummy kept making me pose again for her pictures. There was one place that I don't like much too, it's a big Oak tree that is hollowed out, I can remember once my mummy hid in there and I was very worried because I couldn't find her and when I ran past she jumped out at me and I was very scared. My mummy is horrible to me sometimes. Huff.


Pete said...

bet she'll make it up to you with some chips!!

nicola said...

awwww emma she is so mean!

oldcrow61 said...

ooooooh, filled your stomach with the ladies sandwiches did you. lol. I love the picture of you in front of the hollowed out tree. You're a real star! Next time you will have to hide on mummy and jump out at her.