Thursday, 19 April 2007

It's been a funny old week, huff

I've had quite a tiring week. A couple of days ago, my mummy and her friend and her dog made me walk for miles, a lot of it was uphill too and I was exhausted, but I tried to be brave and not show it, I even tried not to limp much, but sometimes I just couldn't help it, and my mummy stopped and let me rest and rubbed my sore shoulder. It's been very hot for me too this week, but I don't really mind that as long as I can cool off in the water.

Then yesterday we went over my mate Ben's house and I had a nice walk then in the woods and I went in the water lots of times, and when we got back to his house we sat outside on the lawn and had our biscuits, that was good fun.

Today was very strange. We went to my mummy's friend's house, and I had to stay in the car. I wasn't too pleased about that I can tell you, I like to get inside because I always get a biscuit or two. Anyway, eventually they both came out and we drove and drove and drove. And then they got out and left me in the car again. When my mummy came back I smelled her mouth, and her friend laughed, but I could smell she had eaten tuna. I wanted to cry then because it's my favourite and they didn't get any for me.

Then we drove a little way more and then stopped the car, and I had a bit of a walk and found some water to go in on the side of the track, and there was a pond thing but it was all dried up and sludgy and my mummy pulled me back on the lead and kept saying NO NO NO! Then they made me pose by a tree which they said had been struck by lightening, whatever that is.

After that we went into this wooden building where there were lots of other people and all I could see was people's legs. I laid down and kept quiet for a while but then I got bored and I was sniffing along under the bench to see if anyone had dropped any food, and my mummy kept saying Ssssshhh stop making that snorting noise. I can't help it can I? My nose just makes that funny noise. All the people were laughing at me too.

We came home then, and I am very tired now because I couldn't sleep much today. It was a strange day, I wonder why we drove all that way, it seemed a long way to go for just a little walk, oh well, my mummy is funny sometimes... Huff.


Pete said...

i reckon she owes you a bag of chips all to yourself.

oldcrow61 said...

Dear little Emma, what a day you had. I daresay you were tired after all of that. Even though you didn't get any tuna and didn't get to go in the muddy puddle I bet you enjoyed it.

Summer said...

Your mummy is mean!

I like tuna as well but Anna never has it because she doesn't like it.

Debbie said...

Aaaaah don't worry I have a dog called fUBBY who i blame for most things but love her dearly, really. Your Mummy feels the same.