Saturday, 21 April 2007

Huff, another nice day out!

My mummy took me to the seaside AND the woods today, AND we had a picnic, AND I GOT TUNA! Huff huff huff! It was really great fun, I got to go in the river, and the sea, and then the river again, and in some pools. When I was in the pool, another dog came up to me, he seemed quite friendly, he was funny looking though, wasn't quite sure what to make of him but he just sniffed me and then went away. Then I went for a trot along the sands, and then back to the woods, and mummy got her bag from the car, and we walked uphill for a while and then we came to some picnic tables, and mummy had a tuna salad thing and I got lots of it, and some of my own biscuits yum, and I even tried some of her diet fizzy orange but I wasn't too keen on that, the bubbles made me sneeze. We then had a another walk all around the trees near the picnic tables, so I have walked a long way again today.

The only downside of today was that my mummy made me pose for my photos a lot of times, and they were with some strange things, first there was a big blobby jelly thing on the sands, and then a smelly thing with a shell and lots of legs, that was really creepy, and then finally she made me get on a seat thing. She said it was really clever because someone had carved it out of a tree trunk. I don't know what she meant but still, anything to please. Huff.


oldcrow61 said...

Haven't you got a great mummy. Not a lot of dogs have a mummy as good as yours. I'm sure you love her to bits even though she makes you pose for lots of pictures, lol. What a nice dog you met. What an exciting day.

Pete said...

consider the photos payment for the tuna

Janine said...

Thats a scary looking crab!