Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Back at last

Oh huff, it's been such a long time, at last I have some news. It's not very good news though really. My mummy took me to see that nice man at the vets today, because she has been worried about me apparently. I have been sleeping a lot, and drinking a lot, and can't keep up with her when she takes me for a walk. I also cough quite a lot. So the nice man felt me all over, and he listened to me with some funny things in his ears, and then he weighed me. My mummy was everso pleased, she said I was lighter than she thought, I weigh 11 kilos whatever that means, and I should weigh 10 kilos, so I'm only a little bit fat. I've also got a bad tooth at the front, it's all waggly and the nice man said it will probably fall out soon, so I won't be smiling much then, as I won't have any teeth at the front any more. :(

Anyway the nice man gave mummy some pills for me and then I had my photo taken with him, which was a bit nerve racking, I wondered what he was doing with his hands, perhaps he'd decided to pull my tooth out after all.

After that, my mummy and I walked down the path by the river, but I didn't go in the water today. I was bursting to go wee wee too, and trust my mummy to take my picture again then, I was so embarrassed.

Oh well, I am going to have a sleep now, it's been a bit of a day all round, I hope I shall be able to come on here again soon though. Huff


Anonymous said...

That must be the Damian. He is a sweetheart. I'll bet he has lovely eyes because his eyelashes are so thick.

Pete said...

very Simon King!!

lovely to see she has let you back on sweetie. looking cute as aways

oldcrow61 said...

How embarrassing, your mummy taking your picture while you were having a wee, lol. You do have a wonderful mummy though to take you to the doctor when you are not feeling well. You look so beautiful.

D said...

Hmmm i identify with being a little bit fat - it's worse as a human though we don't get people taking us for walks.

Mary said...

Hey Emma

Our Mum is watching Autumn watch so we are surfing the net! She never told us you had a blog! maybe she doesn't know
Woof Woof
Raffles and Missy