Tuesday, 25 December 2007

It's Christmas!

Oh Huff, what a day I've had today. First off, everything seemed just the same as a normal day, mummy got up same time as usual, went outside for a while, came back in and gave me a biscuit, then she went out and left me here for ages and ages. I had the smelly old cockerel for company, well he was behind the gate in the kitchen, so I knew he couldn't get me. Mind you, he never does try to get me any more, he probably knows who's boss now, and that he can't come between me and my mummy.

Anyway, my mummy came home in the afternoon, and she got me and took me up to the place where those other two big dogs are, and we went for a walk up the field with my mummy and two other ladies, I had a nice time smelling all the sheep poos and we walked really close to some big sheep, they all looked at me and I was quite worried, but they were behind the fence so I didn't mind. I managed to get everso muddy heh heh, and when I got into the car I made mummy's blanket on the seat really dirty, there were all my footprints all over it. Then I had another biscuit and my mummy went indoors with the two ladies for a while. When it was dark, mummy came out and we went home, and then the fun really started.

My mummy brought all these things out in crinkly paper, and she opened lots of them and they were all for her, but I was quite excited to see what she had got, so I didn't mind. Then, oh huff, she showed me all these other parcels and there was this furry stocking thing, and she said they were all for me! I couldn't believe it, I was beside myself, I didn't know which one to look at first. I thought I would be everso good though and not open them, I waited for my mummy to do it for me. There were two new toys and lots of lovely smelly things to eat. I had a chocolate snowball and a crunchy square thing, and then my mummy said I couldn't have anymore because it was dinner time.

Huff, life can't get much better can it? I wish it was always Christmas.

Look at all the presents I got, huff, I got more than my mummy!


oldcrow61 said...

Emma, you are priceless. What a load of presents you got. What a day you had. Wish I was close enough to hug you, you've got to be the most beautiful little dog ever.

Pete said...

happy christmas Emma!!